Quick Flicks

???? Excellent A day on a Bermuda Beach.

??? Good A day on the sands of Cape Cod.

?? Fair A day at the New England Aquarium.

? Bad A 'hole' day at Golden Donut.

Alice ???

Mia Farrow finds liberation in Chinatown. Woody Allen finds guilt in a marriage bed/confessional. The search is wonderfully intelligent and appealing.

Awakenings ??

The earnest consistency of Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, and director Penny Marshall make it a triple shame that we can't seem to stay awake.

Cyrano de Bergerac ????

Gerard Depardieu is as charismatic as the length of his infamous nose in this refreshing adaptation of the French classic. Watch out for the rhyming English subtitles.

Green Card ?

It's a shame that Gerard Depardieu's visa didn't expire for real...before he ever made this horrendous romantic comedy with Andie Macdowell of the ubiquitous long brown hair and the occasional talent.

The Grifters ??

The subdued talents of Angelica Huston and John Cusack add up to a lukewarm but stylistically interesting movie.

Hamlet ???

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