Union Will Switch From Paper Cups

In an effort to reduce waste output, the Freshman Union will replace the currently-used paper cups with reusable plastic cups in September, Michael P. Berry, director of Harvard Dining Services said yesterday.

If the pilot program is successful, Berry said, the Houses will also gradually switch from 8 oz. glasses to the new 12 oz. plastic cups.

Over the coming summer, Union officials will purchase a more efficient, higher capacity dishwasher which will allow them to wash the plastic cups. The old dishwasher's inability to wash cups prevented the Dining Services from purchasing reusable cups.

According to Jeremy B. Hockenstein '93-'94, a member of the Environmental Action Committee's coordinating committee who led the effort, "students have approached the Dining Services and been given endless excuses for years."

Under the leadership of Berry and the dining service's Operations Manager Kevin O'Loughlin, "the barriers magically disappeared and became overcomeable," Hockenstein said. "The Dining Hall has been extremely responsive this