Spade Entertains Harvard

More Than 1,100 Flock to Sanders to See SNL Comedian

More than 1,100 people packed Sanders Theatre last night to see "Saturday Night Live" comedian David Spade.

The performance was sponsored by the Undergraduate Council and organized by Mark P. Connolly '96, co-chair of the council's campus life committee.

Spade appeared on stage after the crowd chanted his name repeatedly and said, "Thanks for the intro. That was one of the queerest things I've ever heard."

He then launched into a flurry of jokes, poking fun at everything from dating to McDonald's employees to Nuprin.

"Here's my impression of me on a date in high school," Spade said. "C'mon--chug it!"

Having arrived in Cambridge just hours before the show, Spade joked about limousines.

"You know what I think when I see a limousine?" he said, "Ooooooh--you have 80 dollars!"

The crowd roared as Spade made fun of McDonald's employees and the automatic cash registers they use.

"I say 'no onion.' And I see his face frozen in fear--a little bead of sweat trickling down his face," he said, "I mean, this guy has no idea where the button for that is! Then they have to shut the whole place down and call the guy with the key."

The crowd erupted in laughter when Spade made fun of a Nuprin commercial in which a baseball player hits the catcher in the face with a bat.

"The day I get cracked across the face with a Louisville Slugger," he said, "you'd better hook me up to that morphine I.V., pronto!"

In an interview before the show, Spade said he was nervous about performing at Harvard.

Spade said that Adam Sandler, another comedian on "Saturday Night Live," warned him about Harvardaudiences.

"Adam said to me, 'They're fun--but they'llturn on you,'" Spade said.

Sandler was referring to his own Sandersappearance last year, at which the audience hissedat him for telling jokes which some consideredsexist.