Clarke Wins BSA Presidency

Promising to increase the number of speakers and meetings and to campaign for an Afro-American cultural center, Kristen M. Clarke '97 was elected president of the Black Students' Association (BSA) yesterday.

While Clarke was elected yesterday in a run-off election, a slate of new officers was elected last yesterday and Thursday.

According to Alvin L. Bragg '95, former BSA president, Clarke's election marks the first time in three years that the presidential candidacy was contested. He also said electing a first year as president "hasn't happened in recent history."

Some of Clarke's goals for BSA are to increase the political activities of the group and to "increase the number of lectures, discussion groups, and meetings with other minority groups on campus."

"I also want to BSA to become more active within the immediate area...[by] initiating independent community service activities," she said.

Other new board members include: Asia Y. Goodwyn '97, BSA lectures coordinator; Rey F. Ramos '97, Harvard Foundation representative; and Alison L. Moore '97, vice president.