Expired IDs Still Useful At Times

Been reading the fine print on your ID lately?

Don't study the expiration section too closely, officials say.

College students around for the summer but not enrolled in summer school may have noticed that their brand-new, carefully designed Harvard identification cards bear in expiration date of 6/30/94--in other words, the last day of June, which fell last Thursday.

Previously, identification cards had no expiration date, and were updated each fall with year-specific stickers.

But despite appearances, thesis researchers need not despair, according to Harvard officials.

The Harvard Library system is not using the written expiration date on the card, say library officials.

Thesis writers and other book-hungry students should still be able to check out books normally because the bar code on the ID that is scanned at checkout accesses the library's stu- dent database, which has been changed toaccount for the expirations.

"Library privileges will not be interrupted atall the on-line libraries, and at the smaller onescertification forms will be available," saysRegistrar Georgene B. Herschbach, whose office isresponsible for setting expiration dates for theCollege ID cards.

Library personnel at both Lamont and Widenersay that they have notified their circulation andpoint-of-entry staffs and that they anticipate nodeviation from normal procedure.

The school-year ID cards as they are, however,cannot be used at Harvard's athletic facilities.But athletic access stickers are available fromthe Harvard Athletic Office for a fee