Nelson, Sena Throw Hats In Council Presidential Ring

The pool of candidates for Undergraduate Council president and vice president continues to grow, as two more prominent council members revealed that they too would be vying for council office.

Eric M. Nelson '99 and Joseph A. Sena '99 will run as a ticket for president and vice president, respectively.

Nelson is the chair of the council's Student Affairs Committee (SAC) and Sena is co-chair of the Campus Life Committee (CLC). Both say that unifying their two committees will help define their campaign.

"Joe and I come from very different perspectives," Nelson said. "We hope to show that these two agendas [SAC and CLC] are not mutually exclusive."

Disagreements between the two committees characterize the council, the candidates said.

"We see every week this kind of factionalism, with various people trying to prove inherent divisions between CLC and SAC," Nelson said. "It's a fantasy and it doesn't do [students] any good."

The leadership of President Robert M. Hyman '98 and Lamelle D. Rawlins '99 on their agenda has only exacerbated council factionalism, resulting in dissatisfaction and apathy among the council's members, Nelson said.

"It's hard to get excited about this council. Many new members are already very disillusioned," he said.

"They think they have to choose a side," Sena added. "They don't want to choose a side, so they're choosing apathy and ambivalence instead."

Rawlins, who is the first popularly elected vice president and who is now running for president, defended her work this semester.

"I think I have a strong record and I stand behind what I've done this semester," she said.

Nelson and Sena, who are both Crimson editors plan to push for change in SAC and CLC, including more focus on Core reform, community service and larger social events.

Their announcement comes just one day after Elizabeth A. Haynes '98 and Benjamin R. Kaplan '99 announced their intentions to run for the presidency. But Nelson and Sena , from page 1said that this was not a factor in their timing.

So far, a total of nine candidates have said that they intend to run. The list also includes Trevor S. Blake '00, and Joseph G. Cleemann '98 and Philip Kaufman '98, Justin E. Porter '99 and William P. Pyonteck '00.

Many candidates said this fall's campaign and elections will be more intense than in the past.

"Last year [the presidential race] was clearly between Rob [Hyman] and Rudd [W. Coffey '97]. This year will be a close race," said Kaplan, who finished sixth in that race.

Observers have also noted a better representation of the student body in this field of candidates

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