Memorial Church Will Hold Commitment Ceremonies, Not Gay Marriages

I send a few words of correction and comment with regard to your editorial of Sept. 12, "Cheers to Gay Marriage."

First, the Board of Ministry did not recommend "gay marriages" in the Memorial Church. Such marriages would have no legal standing under the laws of the Commonwealth. The Board recommended that the Church be made available for Ceremonies of Commitment, and this recommendation has been adapted.

Second, while you describe the deliberation process as "officious," those of us responsible for determining policies that are meant to be in place for a long time regard that process as useful and productive. Surely not all of our processes here are to be guided by the precedents of Brown University.

Finally the document upon which this decision is based has been available for anyone who wishes it from July 1. Obviously you did not get a copy of it and so I will fax one to you separately. Editorials consist of rebukes and kudos: I understand that. Both, however, should be based upon the most accurate information available.