Salient Selects New Editorial Board

The Harvard Salient announced Saturday its new editorial board for the year 2000.

Ross D. Douthat '02 will be the Salient's new editor and Bronwen C. McShea '02 will become next year's publisher.

Jason M. Rudinsky '01 will be the managing editor and Charles E. Wright '01 will manage finances as the business manager. Elbridge A. Colby '02 and Paul E. Kwak '03 will become deputy editors and Bolek Z. Kabala '03 and Heather A. Woodruff '03 will assume the roles of associate editors.

The circulation manager will be Greg R. Blank '03 and the advertising manager will be Oliver J. Bell '03.

Roman Martinez '01, last year's editor, said he is optimistic about The Salient's new leaders.

"I think that they are going to do a fantastic job and that they have a great grasp of the issues on campus," he said. "Our new editor, Ross, is the best writer that we have and he was born to be an editorialist. Our new publisher, Bronwen, really has a moral passion that she is going to bring the Salient and to her writing as a whole."

Douthat said he doesn't expect any drastic changes at the Salient under his leadership this next year.

"We may tinker with the layout and the format but essentially the paper is going to remain generally the same," he said.

According to the Salient's Web site, the publication was founded in 1981 by "students who sought to provide a journalistic alternative to a predominantly liberal campus press." Douthat says that the Salient still works to achieve that same goal.

"There is a substantial conservative minority here at Harvard, and the Salient is an important voice and alternative to dominant campus views," he said.

"I am looking forward to a year of good conservative fun," Douthat said.