First-Years Get Warm Welcome

Hundreds of students cheering new residents of their Houses created a din that could be heard across campus at lunchtime yesterday.

Upperclass students and first-years met and cheered in front of Annenberg Hall from noon until after two. Shouts boasting House pride could be heard from as far as Boylston Hall.

Distance was no object for Pforzheimer House residents who migrated in hordes to Annenberg from their home abroad to welcome their future neighbors.

The overwhelming display of enthusiasm from Pforzheimer residents made some Quadded first-years especially grateful.

"When we walked into [Annenberg] they surrounded us," said Neha Jadeja '03, who was assigned to Pforzheimer along with her seven other blockmates.

Jadeja said she was initially upset about the lottery results, but after getting a taste of the House's pride, she resolved to be excited.

Jadeja's blockmate Catherine A. S. Koss '03 said her biggest fear about being in the Quad was losing touch with friends who will live in River Houses. But the clamorous hoopla created by Pforzheimer's cheerleaders made all the difference, she said.

"It makes being Quadded much more exciting," Koss said.

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