Why are you happy about your housing assignment?

"I'm with a lot of people I really love. We went to Leverett this morning for breakfast and it was beautiful."

--Miriam S. Udler '03, Leverett House

"Because it's pretty and we'll have singles. And my boyfriend lives in Cabot."

--Katherine W. Wiltenburg '03, Pforzheimer House

"I fell on the ground when I read the letter, but we're starting to meet the other people who are Currierized with us. Getting to know everybody else, it's going to be fine."

--Mary Ellen W. Hammond '03, Currier House

"I made this painting during intersession and we got into Dunster. I've never ever been to Dunster."

--Carlos O. Zepeda '03, Dunster House

"I like being close to the Yard and the [House] dining hall. It was the House I was rooting for so I was pumped."

--Robert A. Cacace '03, Eliot House

"One line says it all: Quincy kicks ass."

--Robert A. Sayle III '03, Quincy House