Patti B. Saris: Local Judge Cites Harvard As Inspiration

If the Honorable Patti B. Saris '73 becomes a member of Harvard's board of Overseers, she should feel right at home on the Cambridge campus.

"I'm a local kid," she says.

It's true--Saris was born and raised in West Roxbury and attended Boston public schools as a child.

The college years didn't take her too far from home either--she crossed the river and attended Harvard as an undergraduate, and then again for Law School.

Now she works as a federal court judge downtown.

But even as Boston held Saris in its reins, Harvard, the judge says, launched her on a lifelong journey.

"It opened up so many horizons to me and gave me the idea that I could be a leader and move on," Saris says.

Her four years at Harvard were a time of great restlessness and change on campus--something she describes as exciting.

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