Harvard Weathers March Nor'Easter

HUDS employess hole up

While students frolicked in the snow yesterday and enjoyed the many canceled classes, dining hall workers did not get a day off.

"All of Harvard could shut down and Dining Sevices would still be open," Customer Service Manager Brad Hartman says.

"Even in the blizzard of '78 we were serving breakfast," says Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Alix McNitt.

HUDS wasn't going to let a puny nine inches prevent meals from being served.

When HUDS management heard of the looming storm, they began to formulate contingency plans for their employees.

"The first thing we tried to figure out was who among our managers and staff would like to stay over. So the managers talked with the staff about whether they would rather go home or stay over," McNitt says.

The manager of each dining hall contacted the superintendent and Master of the House to find out whether there were any rooms available. HUDS also reserved 14 rooms at the Harvard Square Hotel as a backup, according to McNitt.

"We tried to come up with as many options as possible so that our staff is safe and so that the students can be fed the next day," she says.

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