Crimson History

A glimpse of Harvard's hallowed antiquity, as preserved in the pages of The Crimson.

75 YEars ago

Roberts Favors Harvard Adoption of English Subdivision of University

The suggestion made by the Student Council Committee on Education that the overgrown Harvard undergraduate body might with advantage be divided into groups analogous to the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge is worthy of serious consideration by the graduates who must have been well aware that the growth of the College during the last 25 years has been too rapid to permit satisfactory internal adjustments to keep pace...

—April 16, 1926

50 YEars ago

Ivy Films Will Show Risque Lamarr Film

“Ecstasy” will be shown in the New Lecture Hall Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27.

The motion picture, famous for its shots of Hedy Lamarr unclothed, will be brought here under the sponsorship of Ivy Films. Nothing will be cut out, according to George M. Kurzon ’51, who announced the showing yesterday.

—April 16, 1951

University Press Publishes Roosevelt Letters

Teddy Roosevelt could not understand why Harvard’s football team always lost to Yale, since he didn’t believe that the Elis had more “natural athletic talent” than The Crimson. Such comments as this fill his letters published today by the University Press...

As an undergraduate, Roosevelt also had complaints about the University which sounds like those of today. He could not stomach the food at the Commons: “It is gradually getting uneatable; almost all the fellows I know are leaving.”

T.R. was very glad he did not go to Yale; the freshman hazing there was too rough for him. He thought the Elis were “a much more scrubby set than ours.” He also mentioned that they played “very foul” football to beat a Crimson eleven.

—April 18, 1951