Deans, Students Look At Women's Concerns

The Harvard College Dean's Office is funding a soon to be published report that aims to take a comprehensive look at the concerns of female undergraduates at Harvard.

Scheduled for distribution in time for fall registration, the report is the first that will be written collaboratively by both students and administrators.

While the report is still being polished, those involved say certain themes have already emerged.

"The concerns depend on the group-some are more socially-oriented and others are more political-but concerns about having a women's center and having more female faculty are things I keep hearing," says Susannah L. Church, an Ann Radcliffe Trust intern who has taken charge of the report this semester.

The approximately 20-page report describes the histories, missions and challenges of the officially recognized women's groups on campus, and lists statistics about female undergraduates such as their concentrations and their rates of admission.

Because the report will be published through the Dean's Office, groups like the Bee that are not recognized by the College will not be covered in detail.

The as yet unnamed report is not the only compilation of female undergraduate experiences in the works. The upcoming Women's Guide to Harvard will also be distributed to first-years for the first time next fall.

But Shauna L. Shames '01, one of the students who originally had the idea for the report, sees a drastically different role for the two publications. While the Women's Guide to Harvard is intended primarily for undergraduates, Shames sees this new report as a resource for administrators, to make them aware of the concerns of female undergraduates.

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