Rally for Peace Ignores Gravity of Attack

To the editors:

I am writing in response to the Peace Rally last week on the steps of Widener (“Rally calls for Peace Despite Terror Attacks,” Sept. 21). I chose not to attend the rally because I disagree with its premise; that justice should be achieved through peace.

I disagree because, in this case, justice simply cannot be achieved in such a manner. Though I normally consider myself a pacifist, last week’s massacre of innocent civilians, coupled with the defiance of the backwards Taliban regime of Afghanistan, merits the use of force. Force is the only way to stop terrorism from occurring again; force is the only way to respond to Al Qaeda, the ultra-radical faction of Islam that has vowed to “kill any Americans.” Such a violent group, capable of committing the horrible atrocities we witnessed last Tuesday, will not bow to pacifism. Nor should the U.S. turn the other cheek to countries that choose to harbor them.

Many of those protesting military action yesterday quoted Gandhi’s famous saying, “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” If we bow to terrorism now, however, and don’t do anything and everything to eradicate it, then we have been blinded, indeed.

Joseph L. DiMento '05

Sept. 23, 2001