No. 19 W. Tennis Topples Eagles

The No. 19 Harvard women’s tennis team added yet another victory to their already outstanding record yesterday. It quickly defeated Boston College in a 6-1 victory, advancing its out-of-league record to 14-6.

Despite a loss to the Eagles in last year’s match due to a weak line-up, the Crimson proved to have a healthy roster available at yesterday’s match, making its victory quick and considerable.

One round of doubles and three rounds of singles was all it took for Harvard to shut down Boston College, sealing the necessary four out of seven wins.

Harvard got off to a positive start as it dominated the doubles event.

Harvard received the doubles point as a result of its victories, even though a team must only win two out of the three matches to earn the doubles point.

Tennis doubles are scored in an eight-game pro set, where the first team to win eight games receives the doubles point of the competition.

The Crimson’s No. 1 doubles team, consisting of senior Courtney Bergman and sophomore Elsa O’Riain, was the first of Harvard’s three teams to pick up a win with 8-3.

The No. 1 duo pulled away with a commanding lead of 4-1 early on in the competition.

With two aces in the second half of sets, O’Riain brought the pair’s lead further and eventually helped lead the duo to its victory over Boston College.

“I think for putting me and Elsa back together just recently, it has been one of the best matches we’ve played,” said Bergman. “We’re getting stronger. We’re going to stay together the rest of the year. It was nice to see that we played a pretty good team and won pretty convincingly.”

No. 2 doubles Melissa Anderson and Stephanie Schnitter defeated Boston College 8-4 followed by Eva Wang and Alexis Martire at the No. 3 spot also winning with 8-4.

With one point already to its credit, the Crimson entered the singles competition one up on Boston College.

The dominance did not end with the doubles competition, as Harvard erased all traces of last year’s defeat by winning five of the six singles matches.

“Today was a good day to prove ourselves,” senior Susanna Lingman said. “We knew that we shouldn’t have lost last year, so this was a good opportunity for us.”

As Bergman, the Crimson’s regular No. 1 singles player, sat the match out to help heal her torn meniscus, Lingman, most often at No. 2, stepped up to fill the spot.

Lingman proved capable of representing the No. 1 position as she defeated Boston College’s Nida Waseem 6-3 in the first set, followed by an improved 6-2 in the second set.