The Crimson Editorial Board is pleased to announce its Spring 2006 cartoonists

The Mellow Kid, who may or may not be a senior humanities concentrator, promises not to let this semester’s cartoons deteriorate into surly commentary on thesis trauma and/or kvetching about Core requirements. Watch the Kid tackle today’s pressing issues, or at least point and snicker at them, on Mondays.

Aliza H. Aufrichtig ’08 has gotten a lot of mileage out of her initials (AHA). She thinks they make her witty. Back when she was born, her parents considered naming her Heather Aliza Aufrichtig (HAA). Too bad. Then she might have been funny, but she also would have been named Heather. Catch her funny and witty (she hopes) cartoons on Tuesdays.

Briahna J. Gray ’07 is a history of science/ history of art and architecture joint concentrator in Currier House, who is seeking to fill the recent void in her extracurricular life formed after leaving her beloved a cappella group (shout out to the Harvard Lowkeys!) with yet another marginal art form—cartooning. When not attempting to figure out what her concentration actually means, you can find her thinking of ways to avoid leaving the Quad…at any cost. Check out Briahna’s cartoons on Wednesdays.

Kathleen E. Breeden ’09 is a prospective history and literature concentrator in Hollis Hall, where she’s petitioned for a resident cat to assist in the ongoing war against mice. This Kentuckian enjoys making tea, building shrines to C.S. Lewis, and pulling all-nighters in Lamont. She swears she won’t procrastinate on drawing submissions, though, so you can look for her cartoon on Thursdays.

Priya Rajdev ’07 is a government concentrator in Eliot House. Her work has appeared in such publications as the Sri Lankan Daily News, Austria’s Die Presse, and The Winnipeg Sun. She would also like to point out that while none of the above is actually true, wouldn’t it be cool if it were? Priya would like to give a brief shout-out to GWB: “G-Dubs—you’re the best friend a cartoonist could ever have—keep up the good work.” Prepare for Priya’s artistic creations on Fridays.