Summers Was Always Supportive of Law School

To the editors:

I am sorry about and do not understand the disaffection with University President Lawrence H. Summers expressed by many members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, one of the University’s several faculties (“Sorry! The Game Larry Can’t Play,” news, Feb. 14). As a law professor, my own experience of President Summers has been very good. I was a member of his dean search committee three years ago. He made it clear to the large and diverse committee he had assembled that the choice would be his own, but he asked for and listened to our advice. He correctly diagnosed the school’s ills, prescribed the right remedies, picked a physician we all like and admire to administer them, and supported her at every turn. The result is universally acknowledged to be a stunning success. I have disagreed with President Summers on a couple of occasions. Each time this has led to full and vigorous discussions—once over a two hour lunch—from which we both learned.

Cambridge, Mass.
February 18, 2006

The writer is Beneficial Professor of Law.