Dean’s Speech Catalyzed Law Student Dems

To the editors:

Your article on Howard Dean’s speech at Harvard Law School this weekend (“Press Barred at Howard Dean Talk,” news, Mar. 20) missed the fact that Dean’s speech was only a small part of a much more significant event that occurred at HLS this weekend: the founding of a new national organization of Democratic law students. Dean spoke during a three-day conference featuring more than twenty presenters and attended by over 100 law students from more than thirty law schools. The conference kicked off the National Democratic Law Students Council, a student group dedicated to increasing Democratic presence at law schools and getting law students involved in voter protection and campaign work. Students left the conference with the knowledge, network, and inspiration needed to fight for social change. So the real story here is that Democratic law students are getting organized—and Howard Dean wanted to motivate and congratulate those students, not deliver a public speech.


Cambridge, Mass.

March 20, 2006