The Family Van Makes Boston a Healthier City

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“I felt I had to go to the community and learn how to do the ‘pre-pre-op’ visit,” she says.

The “pre-pre-op” visit—and the creative thinking it represents—is also what keeps Frank drawn to the field.

“Everything that can go wrong with markets goes wrong with markets in health care—which makes it fascinating,” Frank says.


It is 4:30 p.m. and “Aunty Rai” packs up the van. Pamphlets, boxes of free condoms, and cords of blood pressure monitors spill over her arms as she shouts farewell to the last clients. “They always leave better than they come on,” she says.

She walks under the Dudley Station awning and boards the Number 47 back to her Longwood office as the van driver takes the blue-trimmed bus back to the garage.

They’ll be in Hyde Park Tuesday morning.

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