A Story

I was walking through City Hall Park the other day, just to stretch my legs. There’s a visual art exhibit, it looks just like pieces of plastic on grass. A tourist came up to me, you could tell it was a tourist, with her daughter attached to her legs. She said, “Excuse me mister, can you tell me where the Twin Towers are?” I said, I’m sorry? She said, “The Twin Towers.” I said they aren’t here any more. She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Well I know that, I mean where were they.” I was looking at the visual art exhibit. You mean Ground Zero, I said. She said “Yeah of course, which way is it?” I said, Ground Zero is what you meant. She waited. Then I pointed. The daughter switched to the other leg while they turned. I sat on a park bench for a while, and then I got up, and then I left.