Spot The Imposter: Which Thesis Titles Aren’t Real?

Ever listen to a senior explain his or her thesis and think, there’s no way in hell you can write 70 pages about that? Use your sleuthing skills to guess which of these thesis titles could have won a Hoopes Prize, and which are simply FM’s comic gold.

1. What Dolphins Want: Animal Intentionality and Tool-Use

2. Canadian Meeting Professionals’ Perceptions of Environmentally Responsible Practices in Hotels

3. “OMG WTF ROFL”: The Linguistics of Technology

4. From Anaphase to Telophase: The Complex Steps of Cell Separation, None of Which, Incidentally, Involve Divorce Lawyers

5. “Put a Ring On It”: How Beyonce and Popular Music have Deconstructed Traditional Marriage Values

6. “I had never seen a beautiful woman with just one breast”: Beauty and Norms of Femininity in Popular Breast Cancer Narratives

7. “Books Are a Load of Crap”: Paper as Motif and Material in the Work of Philip Larkin

8. “A little off-key”: The Detroit Piano Tuner’s Strike of 1932 and the Evolution of Jazz