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With Deadlines Looming, Thesis Writers Ready for Relief

As a batch of thesis deadlines rapidly approaches, seniors who have spent the past year or more researching, writing, and revising expressed relief that they were close to finishing what is often a student’s most massive academic undertaking.

On Campus

So You Think You Want To Write A Thesis? Lolyourthesis.

Here are some gems that reflect the best of what the blog has to offer—divided into categories of “way too real” and “good luck with that....”

Fifteen Most Interesting

Cassandra E. Euphrat Weston

When Cassandra E. Euphrat Weston attended her first poetry slam in ninth grade, she loved it—but believed she’d never perform herself.

Fifteen Most Interesting

George O. Pocheptsov

From far away, the picture may appear like any other painting: colorful, bright, and, like all other images, flat. But stepping closer, strange things begin to happen.

Fifteen Most Interesting

Ali A. Farag

Fifteen Most Interesting

Mariel N. Pettee

Fifteen Most Interesting

Hania S. Chima

Fifteen Most Interesting

Zamyla M. Chan

“Something that I’m really proud of is that bamboo right there,” says Zamyla M. Chan ’14, nodding her head to the grass shoot potted beside her laptop. “I’ve been taking care of it since sophomore year. It started off really short and it’s grown a lot.”

Fifteen Most Interesting

Roland Yang

Every other Friday night, Roland Yang ’14 hosts what he calls “a post-dinner, not a pre-game.” He gathers his close friends, serving them wine and freshly-baked cake in a room decorated with flags: Nigerian, French, Chinese, Indian, Kuwaiti, and rainbow.

Fifteen Most Interesting

Michael S. Segel


Avia Tadmor

“Clinical psychology and poetry are very different axes to the same ambiguous and complex human experience,” Tadmor says.


Daniel W. Erickson

In that rare moment of calm I can’t help but wonder what new idea has seized control of him, and what form it will take when he decides to share it.

Fifteen Most Interesting

ImeIme A. Umana

The year was 2012 and, as Election Day nestled into nighttime, ImeIme A. Umana ’14, her friends, and dozens of other students flocked to the Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum.

Fifteen Most Interesting

The Women's Rugby Team

Three years later, it’s hard to recognize those freshmen who'd never played rugby in the women who played on a National Championship-winning squad in 2011, guided their team to varsity status over the past two years, and recently won their first Ivy League Championship.

Fifteen Most Interesting

Rainer A. Crosett

At first, Rainer A. Crosett ’14 sounds like he has familiar story, as far as student musicians go. He started playing piano at age five, picked up the cello (his instrument of choice) at nine, but waited until he was 13 to seriously apply himself. Since then, he’s excelled at the latter instrument.

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