Costume Ideas for the Harvard Sports Fan

Published by Alex L. Saich on November 01, 2012 at 10:12PM

All Hallow’s Eve is here once again, and although the weekend has already come and gone and Hurricane Sandy may have ruined the week for many along the East Coast, hopefully there are still those students who are willing to dress up, get out, and swipe all the free candy they can get. Inevitably, there are those procrastinators out there still looking for costume ideas, and the Crimson is here to help with some last-minute Harvard-sports themed getup suggestions.

The Harvard baseball team made rounds on the internet this year with their “Call Me Maybe” rendition, and if that's good enough to get them looks from the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, then the costume can probably work for most people, if you don’t mind being one pop-culture phenomenon behind. Another simple choice: men’s ice hockey goalie Raphael Girard.

In terms of current Harvard athletics faculty, men’s basketball coach Tommy Amaker is probably the most recognizable figure. All you need is a basketball sweater, clipboard, and a whistle to round out the attire. Alternatively, scrounge up a throwback Duke jersey to help reminisce of the glory days; yes, that's our basketball coach being guarded by the great MJ.

Crimson sports alumni costumes are also always a solid choice and hold a better chance of being widely recognized. The obvious choice in this regard would be to don your Linsanity jersey and get a crewcut, but your Knicks jerseys are by now sadly out of date, unless you get your hands on a Houston shirt. The more fun option, though, could be Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick; a Buffalo or Crimson jersey is easy enough to come by but one of these is necessary to really paint the whole picture.

Last but not least, we present the Crimson sports writer: stained sports sweatshirt, taped glasses, tape recorder, mismatched socks, and an unnecessary amount of sports knowledge coupled with minimal athletic ability are all you need to pull off the typical Harvard sports nerd.