Harvard’s not getting any…

Better at sex education.

In the fourth annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, released last week, Harvard lost 37 spots, moving from the nation’s 25th best (worst?) on the list of sex-savvy schools to number 62. The report, which ranks 141 colleges and universities, measures the availability of sexual health resources on campus based on student responses gathered by independent research firm Sperling's BestPlaces. Sperling rates schools in categories like sexual assault programs, availability of contraceptives, and student peer groups.

Flyby is a little confused by this poor ranking because we thought Sex Signals was a blast (wait, was that supposed to be educational?) And, as reported by the Crimson in 2008, 70 percent of students at Harvard are satisfied with the sexual education they are receiving (bear in mind, 42 percent of Harvard students had zero sexual partners during the past academic year, as reported by the National College Health Assessment).

But what can you expect with Puritan foundations…the South Carolina Gamecocks ploughed through the competition sliding into the top spot on Trojan’s list. Even our Ivy friends Princeton and Yale are sexually healthier, taking 61st and 15th respectively.