Harvard students are ambitious as usual, always one step ahead of the game. Rather than waiting around for law school to join a prestigious law journal, the Harvard College Law Society created its own “Harvard Undergraduate Law Review,” publishing the inaugural issue on Sept. 15.

The journal marked the culmination of nearly a year of planning and writing by the law society, which in the past educated the pre-law community largely by hosting talks with prominent guest speakers. The 54-page journal includes articles ranging from informative pieces on the law school admissions process to analyses of court rulings and current events.

The society, under the leadership of senior Charles J.P. Hernandez ’11, is in the stages of planning for the second publication in the spring. In addition to the law society compers who will each contribute an article, certain professors will also write pieces. Also, the club will obtain articles from pre-law societies at Yale, Stanford and law schools in Mexico through an article exchange.