With Election Day just a week away, the Springfield Republican just became the last of Massachusetts's major dailies to weigh in on the state's U.S. Senate race. The paper, which serves much of central and western Massachusetts, joined the Boston Globe and The Harvard Crimson in endorsing Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren."We need a voice for working families in Washington again," the editorial concluded. "Elizabeth Warren will give us that voice." Disagreeing with both the Globe and the Republican, the Boston Herald endorsed Senator Scott Brown two weeks ago. Polls released in the last two days have shown the candidates running neck-in-neck as voters prepare to fill out their ballots next Tuesday.

Brown and Warren were scheduled to debate one final time tonight, but both candidates withdrew in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It is yet unclear if the debate will be rescheduled. Warren has said she is willing to participate in a make-up debate Thursday night, while Brown said he is not interested in another debate.