It's a universal fact that great athletes share two qualities: talent and a nice head of hair. Jeremy Lin is no exception. 

Today, this Flyby correspondent discovered the man behind Lin's haircut: a middle-aged Chinese gentleman named Jimmy who works in a Mountain View hair salon near Palo Alto, California.

According to the owners, Lin and his two brothers all frequented the barbershop as kids and young adults growing up in California. Last year, when Lin was playing for the Golden State Warriors, he stopped by again and Jimmy was keen enough to snap a picture with the soon-to-be famous althete-cum-celebrity. Shortly after the breakout of Linsanity, the owners had the photo framed and hung on their wall.

For all you die-hard Lin fans out there, if you're ever in the Bay Area and in dire need of a haircut, you can check out Elegance Hair Salon in downtown Mountain View.