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Freshman Week Changes in Store

In an effort to make Harvard a more welcoming place for greenhorn freshmen, the College will probably make major changes

Dean O'Keefe To Head for Wellesley

Assistant Dean of the College and Secretary of the Administrative Board John T. O’Keefe has revealed his plans to step

Intergalatic Conflict Strikes Home

These days, blowing up monuments in big-budget action movies has lost the visceral thrill it once offered audiences. Luckily, Steven

The Opulent Business of Poverty

When one enters the World Bank’s main building, the first thing that makes an impression is the size of the

Travel Policy May Change

Students who hope to study abroad in Tel Aviv, Manila, or Abuja may get their wishes this fall, when a

Summers Emerges As Student Icon

University President Lawrence H. Summers has signed his autograph on the dollar bill and had his name printed in headlines

Tracking the Digital Trail

In a given day, Harvard undergraduates might check e-mail a dozen times, swipe into doors all over campus, eat a

Tailgate Comes Under Fire From BPD

In a year when improving social life was a key item on the College agenda, the Harvard-Yale tailgate—often considered the

HUDS To Serve Meals Through Move-Out

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will no longer have to go hungry if they plan on lingering on campus after finals

Undergrads Allowed To Swipe For Darfur

The College joined Harvard Law School (HLS) and the Kennedy School of Government (KSG) this week in allowing students and

Gross Away After Surgery

Following abdominal surgery last week to remove a buildup of scar tissue, Dean of the College Benedict H. Gross ’71

Springfest Sees Small Turnout

A steady drizzle fell on Saturday afternoon’s Springfest, and organizers of the Undergraduate Council (UC)-sponsored afterparty said they thought the

Commencement Orators Selected

Three women will deliver the student orations at this year’s Commencement exercises for the first time in recent memory. Alicia

HRC Angered By HSF Protest

Following an unconventional protest inside a recruiting panel at the Science Center last Tuesday, members of the Harvard College Democrats

College Weighs Acknowledging Final Clubs

A College committee may recommend the adoption of a two-tiered system for student group registration that would formally acknowledge final