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The 15 Most Interesting Seniors

15 Most Interesting Seniors of 2015

Here are the 15 seniors to meet before they graduate: they’re old, they’re wise, and they’re one semester from leaving. These seniors have spent their time on everything from punk rock to squash to divestment. Get to know them in their environment (interviews, photos, and videos were taken at their favorite places on campus). Most of all, have fun with it.

Protest in the Square

Protest in the Square

Vice Mayor of Cambridge Dennis Benzan addresses protesters gathered in Harvard Square with prepared remarks in support if equal treatment before the law.



Dozens of students lie in the middle of Harvard Square in a "die-in" in memory of Michael Brown, a black Missouri teenager shot and killed by a white police officer in August.

Heine and Turban

Heine and Turban

<p>Though they’re both veterans of the UC, Heine and Turban have emphasized their differences from the rest of the Council and say the UC needs to focus more on the students it supports.</p>

Yang and Jackson

Yang and Jackson

<p>If elected, Yang and Jackson hope to create a happier campus by increasing attention to student wellness, and to restore student faith in the UC.</p>

Kanuparthy and Horvath

Kanuparthy and Horvath

<p>As a UC insider and outsider, the pair say they aim to improve student life and administrative decision-making by delivering four proposals related to summer storage, house renewal, student group funding, and the Smith Campus Center.</p>

UC Elections 2014 Debate

Inside the UC Elections 2014

<p>A year after Harvard undergraduates voted a joke ticket into the Undergraduate Council’s top offices, this year’s UC elections are underway. With the campus vocal about the University’s new sexual assault and misconduct policy, the College’s first honor code, and student group funding, tickets are trying to reform the Council and increase its power to effect change.</p>

Head of the Charles

Head of the Charles 2014

At home on the Charles River and in front of thousands of fans, Harvard's crew program will have its moment in the spotlight with new coaches and defending national champions trying to prove their worth.

Commencement 2013

1963 Reunion Issue

In the 50th reunion issue, The Crimson takes a look at the Class of 1963 and re-examines the biggest stories from that time, from the Civil rights movement to the Cuban Missile Crisis to the introduction of freshman seminars.


More of a Good Thing

We love our spring break. So why not get a fall one as well?

Men's Basketball


The Harvard men's basketball team returns to action tonight at home against FAU. Follow the game live here!


What Irene Hath Wrought

Last week, Hurricane Irene ravaged the Caribbean, North Carolina, and Vermont. It also, we hear, caused quite a ruckus in nearby Boston.


Question of the Week: Earthquake Warning

What single improvement to current earthquake detection and warning systems would help most in terms of limiting their destruction (both material and to humans)?


Facts of the Week

On March 11, an earthquake and tsunami struck japan, devastating the region.


Rethinking Privacy

The Cambridge City Council has recently passed a unanimous resolution requesting that the City Manager draw up an ordinance on ...