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The Movement Was Silent But Vietnam Is Winning

P RESIDENT EMERITUS Nathan M. Pusey '28, must be eating his heart out. The nasty events that made his last

Bunting, Ball Head Degree Award List

Mary I. Bunting, past president of Radcliffe, and George W. Ball, a high-ranking diplomat under Presidents John F. Kennedy '40

War Crimes in Asia

Richard Nixon is informally on trial for his responsibility in the Watergate scandal. As witnesses parade before the Ervin Committee,

Rosovsky Becomes Number Two

Henry Rosovsky is now the Number Two man in the University. Rosovsky will leave his teaching post in the Economics

Past Deans Took Longer to Appoint

President Bok's appointment today of Henry Rosovsky as the new dean of the Faculty ends an interregnum in University Hall

A Week of Friendship

Pham Van Dong, the prime minister of North Vietnam, has been a revolutionary for half a century. He helped Ho

Gill Says Intelligence Groups Were Ineffective in Cambridge

Jessie L. Gill, the FBI informer, charged in an article written for today's Crimson that Federal intelligence agencies conducted ineffective

Jessie Gill Comes In From the Cold

J ESSIE L. GILL was picketing outside Holyoke Center in January 1967, protesting what she termed unsatisfactory conditions in her

Bombers Hit Laos Again

America has bombed Laos longer than any one nation has ever bombed another nation in world history. U.S. air strikes

Social Judo: The Mass Hall Takeover

Harvard is an extremely prestigious university, as anyone who comes here from Cedar Rapids, Iowa soon finds out. The high

Gill Sings, FBI, CIA Squirm

What do J. Edgar Hoover, William Loeb, Rep. James C. Cleveland (R-N.H.) and Dean Whitlock have in common? The answer:

Loeb Confirms Aid to FBI Informer

William Loeb, the conservative publisher of the Manchester, N.H., Union-Leader, confirmed yesterday that he had helped expedite payments from government

Rosovsky, Lindzey In Front

Two relative dark horses have emerged as the leading candidates for the next permanent dean of the Faculty. Henry Rosovsky,

The Issues in Today's Grad Student Strike

For the fourth time in the past five years. Harvard students are being asked to usher in the balmy days

Cultural Center Plans Fund Drive

The Afro-American Cultural Center is running out of money. The Center, which sponsors a variety of educational and social programs