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Ice Cream Retailer Hot Over 'Homemade' Label

Two ice cream shops in the Square which advertise "homemade" ice cream have sparked some controversy with another ice cream

Stones Roll Again

W HEN WE LAST left the Glimmer Twins, Mick Jagger and Keith Richard, Keith had run afoul of some unpleasant

Alumnus To Get Degree After 50 Years

There is nothing unusual in the fact that Ruben H. Fogel, like many Harvard students, decided to take some time

The Way We Weren't

I N THE BEGINNING, there were blues, rhythm and "race music." Then there were Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Jerry

'Invalid' Alive and Fairly Well

M OLIERE'S PLAYS are masterpieces of satiric comedy which mercilessly debunk the fraudulent and bogus in society, with true love

Punk Without Punks

R OCK'S NEW WAVE is a broad and diverse movement, encompassing all sorts of bizarre and seemingly apocalyptic visions. Listeners,

Harrington Advises American Liberals Should Aid Carter

Michael Harrington, author of "The Other America," and the national chairman of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, told an audience

English, Ec Theses Decline; Causes of Decrease Disputed

Fewer concentrators in English and Economics are planning to write senior theses this year than last, according to department figures

Police Statistics Indicate Yard Highest Crime Area; Overall Crime Decreases

The Yard area has the highest incidence of larceny and violent crimes of any area of the University, according to

Attack at Hilles

Coleman H. Terrel '80, a South House resident, said he was sitting in front of Hilles Library at about 6:00

City Council Kills Police Bill; Conflict Centers on Residency

The Cambridge City Council defeated a proposal to hire a civilian police commissioner Monday night because of conflicts in Cambridge's

Former Ambassador Criticizes

Franklin H. Williams, who served as U.S. Ambassador to Ghana under President Johnson, said last night that American foreign policy

Political Seers Discuss Voting And the Future of the Parties

Two political analysts at a post-election forum sponsored by the Institute of Politics last night characterized Tuesday's election as the

Election Elicits Beer, Cheers, Apathy

Many students watching the election returns around the University last night said they were enthused about the early prospects of

Faculty Straw Poll Indicates a Preference for Carter; Ford Criticized for Poor Leadership, Economic Policy

A majority of 21 Harvard professors contacted in a Crimson straw poll, yesterday support Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign. Only one