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New K-School Spokesman Geared for 50th Birthday

Gearing up for its approaching 50th anniversary celebration, the Kennedy School of Government has named one of its own 1986

Outgoing Yale President To Become Big Leaguer

When asked last year what he would do upon retiring, President Derek C. Bok replied he might join the major

Playing Hookey

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Paramount Pictures Written, Produced and Directed by John Hughes Y OU'LL RECOGNIZE a lot of Ferris

Intelligent Beings In Search of a Good Metaphor

Using computers as a metaphor for the mind is not the most productive way to gain knowledge of the brain,

On the Rocks

When Massachusetts raised the legal drinking age from 20 to 21 last year, Harvard felt it had no choice but

Winning Prizes and Entering the Real World

For 25 years an increasing number of Harvard seniors have sought careers in finance and law, jumping out of the

Minorities Nix Harvard As Admission Yield Dips

A signifigant decline in the percentage of minorities who accepted Harvard's offer of a slot in the Class of 1990

House of Representatives Candidate Tells Activists Shanties Should Stay

A leading candidate in Massachusetts' Eighth Congressional District race last night told Harvard activists that the University is hypocritical in

Frosh, Dems Wrangle Over Libya Bombing

Twenty-five students in a Democratic Club-sponsored roundtable discussion last night unanimously agreed the U.S. was justified in taking some action

Changes Considered For Housing Lottery

The College's experiment with a new freshman housing lottery format this spring has raised a variety of concerns among students

ACSR May Hold Extra Sessions Next Fall

Burdened with an unusually large number of proxy resolutions, the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) may meet in extra

ACSR Meeting Faces Flood of Resolutions

A large increase in the number of corporate proxy resolutions up for consideration this spring by the Advisory Committee on

Threadbare Passion

Passion Written by Peter Nichols Directed by Shawn Hainsworth At Leverett House Old Library P ASSION IS A contemporary play

Freshmen Favor Adams House

If freshmen were assured their first choice in the upcoming housing lottery, Adams House would be the most popular of

Experts Debate Homelessness

Three experts, speaking at a School of Public Health forum, yesterday debated the causes of homelessness, faulting the federal government,