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LaRosa Garners Cambridge Council Seat

Without a single person entering a polling booth, the City of Cambridge elected a new city councilor this week and

What to do if you Miss The 7:30 A.M. Newport Bus

So, it's your first weekend in Cambridge and your first big excuse to procrastinate. And, even if those orgo books

Disneyland Booth Comes to the Square

They won't sell you cotton candy or popcorn, but if you want guide books or maps of Cambridge, you can

Why Now? Why Divestment?

Divestment became the hot political issue at campuses all over the country this spring. Several hundred students at Columbia blocked

Divestment Groups Plan More Public Activism

S EVEN YEARS AGO, 3500 students filled Harvard Yard, carrying torches, pickets and bullhorns, dreading that Harvard divest of its

From Woman as World Reformer...

F IFTEEN YEARS AGO Robin Morgan observed the beginnings of a feminist movement in America. In Sisterhood is Powerful she

Black Alumni, Students Gather

Ninety two year old Warmoth I. Gibbs '17 last night told a group of Black undergraduates clustered around him that

Housing Lottery To Face Review

Harvard students this week will register their views in an ongoing debate which could change the way freshmen are assigned

Student Reps Demand Break From Final Clubs

Undergraduate Council members last night urged student representatives to the Committee on College Life (CCI) to vote to sever the

FDO, Council Will Try Out New Freshman Advising Plan

An Undergraduate Council plan to provide freshmen with upperclass advisors will get a trial run next semester, officials of the

Council Elects Student Reps To Four Faculty Committees

In its first regular Sunday night meeting of the year, the Undergraduate Council last night elected seven students to the

Putting Women Into the Equation

W hen Ms. magazine featured a Harvard professor on its cover last December, it sold more copies than a month

Putting women in the equation

W hen Ms. magazine featured a Harvard professor on its cover last December, it sold more copies than a month

Blaming the Victims

T HE SINGLE most frequently committed crime in the United States takes place behind closed doors. Every year an estimated

Returning to the Schools

Christopher A. Bogden is a PhD candidate at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. Like most students at the school--where the