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Passing Acquaintances

U SED TO BE, life at the movies was faster, meatier, and larger than what we saw every day. The

University Tries to Untangle Mystery of Mixed-Up Cards

Officials in the Office of Fiscal Services, University Hall and in the Houses can't seem to figure out how over

Students Face Board Charge Due to Error

Students living off-campus who received University identification cards indicating they are on board will be charged for meals whether or

Recovered Art Haul Includes Paintings Stolen in '76 From Harvard Professor

Police last week recovered ten paintings stolen in 1976 from the home of the director of the Fogg Museum. The

On Home Remedies

A EROBICS, assertiveness training, behavior modification, body language, biofeedback, creative divorce, do-it-yourself psychotherapy, dream analysis, egospeak, est, esp, high-fiber diets,

Defending Your Boss, Casually

Almost 1500 students crammed into the Science Center Tuesday to hear Andrew Young defend the Carter administration and U.S. foreign

Congressmen Urge Revised Transfer Bill

A joint Congressional conference yesterday approved a compromise proposal which would give medical schools more flexibility in admitting transfer students

Counselors Find Students More Anxious, Depressed

Although the number of students using the mental health clinic at University Health Services (UHS) remained steady last year and

Students Will Gobble Bird In Thanksgiving Day Rite

Turkeys will have their day tomorrow, as Harvard professors and students enjoy traditional Thanksgiving dinners in their homes or in

Harvard Professors Defend Validity of College Boards

Harvard administrators and national education experts yesterday defended the use of standardized college boards in response to a Harvard professor's

Job Market

Harvard students and administrators responded calmly to a prediction by Money magazine that 2.7 out of 10 million college graduates

Harvard Oarsmen Beat Regatta Rivals

Harvard rowers yesterday defeated squads from more than 140 other schools and clubs in the Head of the Charles Regatta,

Don't Steal These Books, 1932 Inscriptions Warn

Book thieves, take notice--an inscription in some University library books warning lightfingered students of possible prison sentences is no joke.

Federal Funds Granted; Subway Extension Slated

Construction of the northbound extension of the Red subway line may begin as early as January 1978, Robert R. Kiley,

News Shorts

Sixty women and four toddlers met last night at the general meeting of the Harvard Dames, an organization of graduate