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In The Know

Seen by my co-editor on a movie marquee while driving north on I-93... Now Playing: WOMAN ON TOP WHAT LIES


Soman's In the (K)now: A Pop Culture Compendium

The bitch is back, baby. Weird laws still on the books: It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that


Oh, The Places They're Going

We took a Road Trip of our own to New York City to talk to the young stars of what


Tripping the Highways Fantastic

With two papers due the next day and a lot on my mind, I went into Road Trip nursing a


Soman's In The [K]now

So this is it, the last In the [K]now of the year, perhaps the last In the [K]now ever. It


Taking on...Tracy

Tracy Ullman has been sending up American stereotypes on television for many many years now-her wildly popular self-titled show has


The Greatest Film of Small Time

After a couple of forays into more serious territory, Woody Allen is back to fluff. _Small Time Crooks_ has that


In the (K)now

On a sunny afternoon, I returned to my room to find several frantic messages on my answering machine. Message 1:


Hugh Grant's Divine Comedy

Hugh Grant, of course, is a mega-Hollywood star now even though he started with smaller, usually independent, usually British films.


Woody Allen, Point Blank

The world's most neurotic filmmaker comes to Harvard May 10. We spoke to him about his latest film. Every actor


Soman's in the (K)now

Desperate for an opening zinger, I went back to the reigning diva, Mei Pin Phua... ME: Help me Diva. I


In the [K]now

Since Jesus is so trendy this week, I provide the following excerpt from an e-mail conversation with the divine Mei


Soman's in the [K]NOW: a pop culture compendium

Overheard outside the Barker Center... BOY : When our theses are done, we're gonna get so smashed. GIRL: Fuck that!


The Proof is in the Pudding

The Proof Is in The Pudding By SOMAN CHAINANI and CHRISTINA B. ROSENBERGER CRIMSON STAFF WRITERS A frothy diversion, some


Soman's In the Know

FILM Soman's In the Know: A Pop Culture Compendium SOMAN'S IN THE KNOW: A Pop Culture Compendium Further proof that

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out