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Eight Years Later, Smooth Sailing for Dean Kidd

Associate Dean of the College Judith H. Kidd still has cardboard boxes on the floor of her University Hall office.

Katharina P. Cieplak-von Baldegg ’06 and Camilla A. Hrdy ’04-’05 Women behind H Bomb

Katharina P. Cieplak-von Baldegg ’06 and Camilla A. Hrdy ’04-’05 said they never intended to found a magazine that some

Report: Expand Counseling Outreach

Wide discrepancies in awareness of mental health resources pervade residential Houses, peer counseling groups and graduate schools, and the administration

Barreira Tapped As Mental Health Head

Almost three months after a the Student Mental Health Task Force recommended the creation of a position to coordinate all

Ali G To Speak At Class Day

Ali G is comin’ to da U.S. to bang at ’arvard. Or so he’d say. He may even break out

College To Review Student Activities

The College will convene a committee to examine undergraduate extracurricular regulations and practices this fall that may limit the number

Ali G To Address Seniors on Class Day

Ali G is comin’ to da U.S. to bang at ’arvard. Or so he’d say. He may even break out

Class Day Speaker Remains Enigma

With less than one month until Class Day, the Senior Class Committee has yet to name a speaker for the

Leaning Report Progress Assessed

One year after sweeping changes in the College’s system of sexual assault education and response, a newly created office has

Counselors Criticize Affiliation With UHS

The 11 full-time counselors of the Bureau of Study Counsel sharply criticized a decision last month that placed them under

Annan Chosen To Speak In June

United Nations (U.N.) Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan, will speak at Commencement this June, the University will announce today. The diplomat

Initiative Aims To Improve Websites

Funds and student fellows are now available to professors who want to improve and expand the technology they use in

Student Diagnosed with Meningitis

A senior in Eliot House diagnosed with bacterial meningococcal meningitis Saturday was admitted to a Boston hospital and is in

Bureau of Study Counsel Now Reports to UHS

As part of the implementation of recommendations released by the Student Mental Health Task Force last month, the Bureau of

Petition Calls for Academic Freedom

Over 1,000 academics, including 21 Harvard faculty members and 16 students have signed a petition calling for greater action in