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Both Pictures Prove Disappointment Despite Thrills and Comedy Acts in Great Numbers

By R. W. P.

To those who possess a credulous and trusting nature the current bill at the University Theater can offer a pleasant evening's entertainment, but to those whose innate scepticism demands a certain amount of logicality the two movies, "West Point of the Air" and "Shadow of Doubt," will prove rather disappointing.

Both abound in thrills and humorous situations, and the aviation film gains considerable strength from the free use the producers have been allowed to make of the Army Air Service's equipment. As far as performances are concerned, Wallace Beery does the best he can with the role of "Big Mike" in "West Point of the Air" and Constance Collier as "Aunt Melissa" in the other picture does a very good job as the eccentric old lady.

In both films, however, the plot is trivial, trite, and distinctly unlikely. In both the chief reason d'etre consists of "thrill scenes" such as plane crackups and mysterious murders and of the clowning provided by Beery and Joe Bags in one movie and by Miss Collier in the other.

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