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MATTHIAS GRUENEWALD: Personality and Accomplishment. By Arthur Burkhard, Harvard University Press, Cambridge. $7.50. 1936. Nobody seems to have much luck

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I T in surprising how fresh the Herald Tribune sage's articles remain when they are issued, frozen inside book-covers. You

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To those who possess a credulous and trusting nature the current bill at the University Theater can offer a pleasant

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I N a field that has been far too little covered by our northerly inclined historians Professor Haring, long famous

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W ITH paeans of praise from two such distinguished authorities as Stephen Vincent Benet and Archibald MacLeish, James Agee '32,

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While most of the opposition to Herr Hitler has concentrated on the publication of anti-Nazi propaganda, Miss Strachey and Mr.

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M UCH has been written against the Soviet regime in Russia, but rarely has there been published a more effective


Nearly all of those whom Hollywood has made famous have at one time or another appeared before the public as


W HEN Professor Wilbur Cortez Abbott criticized recent historical trends in his pamphlet "Some 'New' History and Historians", he failed