Tigers May Burn Brighter But Ladies Will Be Tighter

"McKenna believe it," screeched the Sage of the Age, fumbling his Ming stein. "Did you Reed that Mother Nature will be Wagner rain clouds over Princeton today. The Weber will be terrible."

"That Harkins backs to a few years ago when we had to Gruber victory from a Pearson defeat," replied his disciple, Palin slightly.

"Nixon that stuff," observed the oracle. "We won't Mead any Moore Powers than we had last week. We Cohn have them hanging from the Chandler, so keep your Cappon. I won't Sella you short."

"I think it's Timm for a prediction," remarked his apostle. "Howarthings going to come out?"

"Weimann, what could be Shafer for me than to Bender your ear with: Harvard 21  Princeton 13