The Moviegoer

At the RKO Boston

"Korea Patrol" is another slapped-together blurb about the Korean War. This one concerns a six-man American and South Korean patrol which is assigned to slip through the entire advance guard of the invading Communist Army in order to blow up a vital bridge.

Director Max Nosseck didn't spare the blank cartridges, but the action is still dull and stereotyped. Roughly every five minutes, the beleaguered comrades draw up into a photogenic little group to pop away at the omnipresent Red hordes. The American battle tactics are about as clever as those of General Braddock during the Indian Wars, but the band gets through anyway.

Co-featured is "The Mad Loves of Dr. Goebbels," a Grade C picture attempting to document Goebbels' ruthless rise to power. Regrettably there are no mad loves other than the wild-eyed blond pictured outside the theatre.