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The Moviegoer

The Beacon Hill Theatre took a chance when it booked Ivy Films' two productions, "Much Ado About Studying" and "A

170 Flood Council Office Asking ROTC Increase

The Student Council office was flooded yesterday afternoon by 170 sophomores and freshmen who were eagerly hoping for possible further

The Moviegoer

"Korea Patrol" is another slapped-together blurb about the Korean War. This one concerns a six-man American and South Korean patrol

The Moviegoer

"The Enforcer" is the first really good cops-and-robbers picture to arrive in Boston for a long time. Marvin Racken's taut,

Yard Closes Best Intramural Season In History

Driving cross-winds prevented any scoring Monday afternoon, when the Massachusetts Hall and Stoughton Hall touch football teams played to a

Crimson Soccer Team Loses Wet Game to Princeton, 4-1

PRINCETON, N.H., Saturday, Nov. 11--Bruce Munro's soccer team started strong and finished strong on Princeton's rain-soaked Pardec Field today, but


The men who form the United States foreign policy are now surprised to find themselves faced with a serious problem

Soccer Team Faces Amherst Today

Local enthusiasm should ace some of the best soccer of the season this afternoon as Amherst's New England intercollegiate Championship

Soccer Team Downs Springfield, 3-2; Drehmel Gets Three in Uphill Battle

An inspired second half surge returned Bruce Munro's Crimson bootets to the winning road as the soccer team overcame a