Our Director

Just one year ago this afternoon a small boy arrived in the CRIMSON office with a white sheet of paper in his hand. "Lloyd Jordan," the release said, "has been named the new football coach at Harvard."

There has been considerable speculation recently about when that boy will arrive again. Well, a friend of his reported yesterday that it won't be for some time. In the next two weeks the Oversoers' sub-committee on Who Will Be the Next Athletic Director will screen candidates for the now vacant position. When it reaches a decision, it will try to sign the man to a contract and if he should accept, our little boy will appear early in April.

Who will the D.A. be? He'll be a graduate, not more than 40 years old, who believes in the Harvard football policy.

Only that much is known for sure.

The names of three men have been batted around since it was learned that Mr. Jordan wasn't in the running: F. Stanton Deland, Jr. '36, manager of the football team in 1935, Endicott Peabody '42, Harvard's last All-American, and George Owen, Jr. '23, a football and hockey star who now makes sporting equipment. There are convincing arguments for and against each of these men. Deland was a great administrator and a friend of Henry W. "Esky" Clark '23, chairman of the Overseers' Visiting Committee on Athletics, a man of considerable influence. But people say he doesn't want the job.

Who Wants It?

Owen and Peabody are Harvard "greats" who might well be able to marshal alumni support. But Owen made an unfortunate speech about Harvard football shortly after his graduation, and Peabody may be top deeply immersed in law and polities to want the Harvard job.

So, if you want, you can eliminate these three. There are others, of course, and the most recent is Associate Dean Robert B. Watson '37, a former football player and a crew man. He worked with George Whitney '07, the vice-chairman of the above-mentioned committee, for three years before coming to Harvard's administrative corps, and has since served on the Committee for the Regulation of Athletic Sports. Last night he said "As a member of the Administration, I cannot comment."

For all we know, Watson might very well be the man they're looking for.