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Love Is Not The Answer

A similarity between The Laughing Matter and the earlier Saroyan novels is to be expected. So long as an author

The Time of Your Life

For anyone having access to an automobile I heartily recommend the 15 minute drive that takes you to the Tufts

Drumbeats and Song

Drumbeats and Song has come a long way from the production that first carried that name in 1950. Physically the

Egg in Your Beer

I dropped by the barber shop on Monday this week, and much to my surprise, my friend, Ruby the Barber

Egg in Your Beer

There was a short note in the newspapers the other day stating that the Detroit professional football team will open

Egg in Your Beer

I have always felt that the only thing that makes Tuesday anywhere near acceptable is the fact that it follows

On Borrowed Time

Thanks to Victor Moore, the play now at the Wilbur will be remembered as one of the brightest spots in

Panel Finds What's Funny; Nixon Funniest, Says Capp

"Humor is where you find it," Al Capp told a Law School Forum audience last night, and then proceeded to

Only Two Million More, Art, That's All

Two legends make the rounds this time of year. The first, the story of Sidney Pumpton requires little comment, but

Egg in Your Beer

It's an Olympic Year, and if there were a pot-bellied stove in the lobby of the indoor Athletic Building, it's


They packed them into the Stadium that fall day back in 1929. There were 57,000 in all, more than ever

Egg in Your Beer

For two bucks you're a hero at Suffolk Downs. There are no little men at a racetrack. You pays your

Artists Sick With Fear Claims Director Kazar

The creative world is suffering from a stifling malady, Elia Kazan told an audience of more than 1,000 people in


Shaw is Shaw and "Candida" is "Candida," and the Harvard Theatre Group did little to alter that situation last night

Josh White

After moving from one hotel to another for a period of two years, Storyville has finally settled down in a