Egg in Your Beer

This One Will Slay You

Some pronounce it Yeeger, some pronounce it Yayger, others pronounce it stinko.

And the little man from Yale, ole 99, is still not through receiving rewards for his exploits in a recent football game.

Not content with playing him all over their pages, the sportswriters of America have decided that Charlie Yeager rates the cutest award of the year--they have picked the Eli manager's scoring of the infamous 41st point as the most amusing incident of the 1952 football season.

Sportswriters are all frustrated athletes anyway--maybe it was a feeling of sympathy that made them remember the play. Or maybe they thought Harvard's chagrin was funny.

Maybe it was, at that. Anyway, the writers, polled by the Associated Press, thought this boff was better than such items as:

1. The exploits of Topsy, a bear, mascot of Baylor. During the Wake Forest game, Topsy made of with a signal flag the referee had thrown down.

2. When Michigan State's Don McAuliffe took a stranger to his room to sell some tickets alloted to him, the man pulled out a gun instead of cash.

3. Sundry tackles from the bench, a footrace between a fan and the police at a Georgia Tech game (the cop tackled him in the end zone), and the efforts of a Chicago gentleman to set up a "mall-order athletic bureau" and recruit athletes from all over the country.