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Revamped Varsity Crew To Meet Middies, Penn

Whether the varsity shift will do away with the varsity drag remains to be seen this weekend, as a radically

Technical Humor

Like many modern technological creations, the X-ray machine often seems to dominate the man who handles it. Black topped, black-tubed,

Free Pass Poses Problem for HAA

The H.A.A. ticket office, long beset by the problem of how to make people pay to gain admittance to games,


England, as economists would have it, has for come years been merely a poor relation of the United States. Devaluation,

Arena Sale Completed; Ice Future Endangered

The ice melted at the Boston Arena last night, and as it went down the drain, so did most hopes

Braves May Soon Go To Milwaukee

The Braves are finally back on the warpath this season, according to a report from the Sporting News. However prospects

Penn's Athletic System Shaken as Feud Grows

Pennsylvania may be considering a plan to leave the Ivy Group and form an association with stronger college football teams,

Crimson Six Whips Yale, 5-2, Has Slight Chance for NCAA

Amid beer, bombs, and blood, the Crimson hockey team crushed Yale, 5 to 2, at the Arena Saturday night. First-line

Six Blue Meet Tonight In Tossup Arena Test

Yale, bustling, bumptious, and barely holding on to its Pentagonal League lead, moves into the Boston Arena tonight for the