Furry in Washington Again; May Offer More Testimony

Professor, New Counsel View Additional Legal Problems; Corporation Awaits Action

Professor Wendell H. Furry took a surprise trip to Washington yesterday.

The Washington visit is in connection with possible further questioning before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Furry could not be reached for contact last night, and it is not certain when and if he will submit to another Committee grilling. It is known, however, that he consulted with a new layer about the implications of another testimony. Furry was represented by Phillip Forer in previous hearings.

The professor goes to Washington advised by both Faculty and Corporation members. The Corporation issued a statement Monday that he would add to his previous testimony before the Committee.

It is obvious from the Corporation's actions, up to this point, that Furry's status at the University will hinge on his conduct under further questioning.

Opinion in the faculty at this time reflects a general dissatisfaction with Furry's testimony, but many who take this attitude would object very strongly to his dismissal.

On the other hand, some agree with President Conant's statement before the Foreign Relations Committee that professors refusing to testify should be fired.