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The Confidential Clerk

T. S. Eliot's plays are remarkably like complex mathematical equations painted in vivid colors upon a canvas. Beautiful in conception

Ferguson Blasts Center For University Policies

Senator Homer Ferguson's (Rep. Mich.) stab at the University and the Russian Research Center last June 24 belatedly brought a

Kamin Plans to Expand His Original Testimony

Social Relations instructor Leon J. Kamin '48 plans to supplement by affidavit his testimony before the Jenner Committee, the CRIMSON

Mr. Salinger's Nursery

J. D. Salinger must live in a world all his own. Sometimes it overlaps ours and we are lulled into

The General

"The General" is a play of the times, of the ideas that lurk behind headlines crying problem, red hunt. It

Furry Confines Answers To Activities Since 1951

Wendell H. Fury followed his script to the letter yesterday, as he told the House Un-American Activities Committee that he

Four Plays by W.B. Yeats

If tonight is like last night, many who come to the Eliot House library just a bit before eight will

Les Enfants de Paradis

The other night, after seeing Les Enfants de Paradis at the Brattle, I was strongly moved to both ecstatic praise

Velde Asserts Furry Should Take Iniative

The House Un-American Activities Committee discussed the case of Wendell H. Furry behind Closed doors yesterday, before Chairman Harold H.

Furry in Washington Again; May Offer More Testimony

Professor Wendell H. Furry took a surprise trip to Washington yesterday. The Washington visit is in connection with possible further

Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades is ham, well-done. It's got bejeweled nobles, fragile ladies, wild eyed gypsics, and a drooling villain who

Academic Life; With the Ivy, Thorns

At the age of fifty, Theodore Morrison '23, has written his first novel. It is a book filled with mature


Seventy-five, the Yale Daily News' commemoration of its Diamond Jubilee, is a collection of sixty-seven essays ranging from Yale admissions


As the author of Picnic. William Inge is an accomplished technician. He is quite capable of compressing paragraphs and pages

Tuition Rise Threatens Scholarships and Loans

Scholarship and financial aid problems are providing the biggest stumbling block to the Administration's plans for increased tuition rates, the