Velde Asserts Furry Should Take Iniative

The House Un-American Activities Committee discussed the case of Wendell H. Furry behind Closed doors yesterday, before Chairman Harold H. Velde announced "It's up to him if he wants to testify."

Velde made it clear that the House group would not assume the expenses for another Washington trip.

"If he wants to come before the committee and will communicate with us, we will be glad to hear any further testimony he wants to give."

Furry Refuson Comment

Furry indicated Wednesday he is ready to go if called by the Committee again.

At his Belmont home last night, Furry had no comment on his plans to supplement the original testimony. "My friends have advised me to make no further statements to the press for the time being," he said.

He said, however, that the CRIMSON'S reports on the purpose of his Washington trip week were "substantially correct."

Classes Continued

The CRIMSON reported that Furry had secured the services of a new lawyers in Washington.

Furry stated last night that he had "required a great deal of advice and it will take a great deal of time before anything new happens."

He would not say whether or not he is still being counseled by Philip Forer, who represented him before the House Committee two weeks ago.

Furry added that he was "still meeting with his classes and carrying out other duties as much as possible."