City Stevenson Campaign To Deemphasize Harvard

Accent on Professionalism

The name of Harvard will be conspicuously absent in this year's organized Cambridge campaign in behalf of Adlai Stevenson.

Not only will "party regulars" control the effort instead of "University Eggheads," but a basic facet of the campaign strategy here will be an attempt to disassociate Adlai's name from Harvard, and instead connect it with the Democratic Party label.

Arthur Travers, Cambridge attorney, will head the Cambridge Committee for Stevenson-Kefauver. He was appointed last week with the approval of Senator John F. Kennedy '38, considered the head of the state Democratic organization.

Both Travers and Russell H. Peck, assistant Dean of the Law School, and one of the most prominent Stevenson supporters in the University, emphasized the need to reach the non-University Cambridge vote.

"We have no worries about the 'egghead vote,'" Peck stated, "but only about the regular people who sat on their hands four years age. And there is a question as to whether (University supporters) are the right people to cope with this problem."

Disassociation from Harvard is not the only problem the Stevenson campaign has encountered, Travers said. All the professional politicans have not yet decided to cooperate, and caused a ten-day postponement in the opening of the Cambridge Stevenson-Kefauver headquarters, he added.

Although the office was finally opened in Central Square yesterday, University volunteers are still seeking a more convenient headquarters. Travers said that this problem would be resolved this week.